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Game Name Tried so Hard Got so Far In thee End Didn't even Matter Game Date 01/09/2003 Review Date 02/10/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 _RawDawgSpace_ A 6 6   Player 5
Player 2 ACE_Beanx A 7 6   Player 6
Player 3 RawDawgDivine B 8 8   Player 7
Player 4 ImNotTrying B 5 5   Player 8
Quick Game Summary
Anice game we got going on here with both Aceís teaming up for some Tag Team action. Some great bombing coming from both sides but I have to say that mastahís is just unbelievable. This game takes a disappointing turn when mastah is left to control 2 bases after Sick0 D/Cís on him.

Game Report

~Recorded Game: X_RaStaH_

~Game Length: Around 50 min.

~Download Size: 4.55 Mb.

Game Summary

-Beginning Game An early air rush comes from Beanx on the right side. He takes out many mexes stopping much construction on Team Aís side. Sick0 On bottom left heads for the sea and halts some of the air rush while Mastah seeks revenge and makes some nifty core bombers. Sick0 rules over the sea, stopping any attempts by Calgar trying to advance toward the left side. Mastah then uses his bombers to take out Mt after Mt. This bombing doesnít do much but itís a great distraction.
-Middle Game Both sides now are busy building. All a sudden, this game takes a twist when Mastahís ally D/Cís. Mastah taking Sick0ís units, and shows his building skill making a quick armada of crusís, and deploys them in the middle on the defensive.
- On the right side, Team B is off busy making there own Crusís and pels. They surround the Armada of Crus in the middle, and attack from both bottom, and on the right. Mastah franticly makes more crus and sets up a flanking position all around his Middle area. He then risks defeat, and shoots his way down to Calgar island on bottom, and tries to find the comm. Mission fails and all that metal is just sucked. Later he gives a final attempt for Beanx. His crus get out flanked and the metal from them is just sucked again. Mastah tries his luck with bombers. He uses his last round of bombers trying to take Calgarís BB out, but Calgar repairs quick and continues to shoot all over Mastahís Air plants stopping production of any more bombers.
-End Game. Masís power is now on the decline. Heís out of Crus and has no more control over the metal. I think it was personally a risk to high to take.
With no more defense, Team B Attacks with no resistance what so ever. Mastah gives 1 more final blow with a Comm bomb to Top Island and another in the water, off the shoreline of the top right. Aceís played this well and played like a true team.

Overall Game Statistics
~Game Battle Intensity: High
~Overall Skill Level: : Good Players
~Game Predictability: Not till about 85 % of this game is done.
~Unit Most Used: Crus
~Bombing Skill: Average-Expert
~Most Determined: X_RaStaH_
~Most Aggressive Player: ACE_Beanx
~Learning Value: Core Bombing
~Fun to Watch: Enjoyable

Comments and Tips on Individual Player
X_RaStaH: Great bombing Way to not quit after ally left.
N_Sick0: Wish you coulda stayed longer, you looked in good shape with your base before you left.
ACE_Beanx: Average bombing, it distracted and did its job, like how you built, your top side was open for extra building but really nothing more.
ACE_Calgar: You both did good job, you made some nice pels. I like how you protected your isle using Guardians. Overall, did good.

Ending Comments
I suggest itís worth a peek. Also a fun one to see how mas will react and use 2 bases instead of 1.