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Game Name interesting Game Date 02/18/2003 Review Date 03/03/2003
Map Lava Highground Rating 6 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Nano_187 A 7 6   Player 5
Player 2 Ghrym A 6 7   Player 6
Player 3 CR_MIKO B 3 3   Player 7
Player 4 Ink_Freak B 6 5   Player 8
Lava High Ground 2 v 2, miko+ink on left and nano+gryhm on the right

miko: goes kbot first not really sure why vehichle is a better start i would say, anyways he makes some peewees and then changes to rocko's helps ink double gryhm
ink: goes veh first and gets his falshers away sends them at gryhm keeps at it goes kb and sends rocko's also
gryhm: u did pretty well here at the start u made ure slashers u resisted the double team
nano: you make alot of res before your first plant, then u churn out some cons get them on res to, u then do some thing original and very dangerous you reclaim your veh plant and go air leaving your ally on his own for battle for middle, you mass out some air cons


miko: you really need to get your self some resources and build some anti air after you know there r bombers u could never support an adv lab on your res yet u wasted your m on it.
ink: you did well to get a grip of your side of the middle nice idea to make merls mark wen u can and dont waste your tech 2 units good anti air you were lucky nano never went for ure mt's though he had enuff bombers to hurt ure anti air badle and then all ure res to, perhaps opt to go air yourself the choice not to go bb if intentional was good as bb vs 20 bombers is never good
gryhm: for a while you were struggling to get an economy together but you resolved taht relativly well you got your pun up you should have force fired it like nano did to keep them of the metal patches
nano: you kept your commm and oyur guard alive vry well and you kept them from doing any work in the middle with your guard, you could have used your bombers more effectivly eg. miko had 5 mt's if you had bombed those you could have killed the rest of the stuff at leisure also bombing inks mt's would have been an idea however you destroyed the key targets well and you enetred the war on the ground a little more to help out.


miko: you really had very little to contribute here, watch this please and look at the other players you comm bommbed but didnt kill gryhm so its ok dont comm bomb its bad and people dont like it
ink: you are clutching at straws your ally isnt helping u and nano's bb is tearing u up as said air earlier may have been a plan. i did laugh wen u said "i'm going to nuke you *******" then ure comm got hit with nano's bb straight after that.
gryhm: if you had played like this all game then the game would not have lasted so long your pun push and mt's really destroyed them gj
nano: well u did the buisness here your mavs were very useful in assisting gryhm in the middle and ure bb was the winner as u no you bombed down more key targets try to line bomb if u can and take out more stuff on ure bombing runs.

Best Player: Nano/Gryhm cant really pick they worked well as a team
Worst Player: Miko u must learn a bit more to live with these guys however this is how you do it isnt it watch some more tads of decent players
Comedy Moment: Im going to nuke u statement just before bb death