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Game Name No Metal on MH? O_o? Game Date 01/03/2003 Review Date 03/03/2003
Map Metal Heck Rating 5 Reviewer Nano
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 bomba_duggan A 7.5 6.5   Player 5
Player 2 Amused_DREAMER B 3 3   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Here we have Sams vr Flashes. With a random location.
Bomba starts bottom near center just off to the left.
While Amused starts right center just off to the top.

The game begins

Bomba starts with 5 solar in a row going back down with mexes. A good strong stability to build 2 vec plants.
Amused however, stalls bad as he builds solar, vec, (con), mex, solar, mex, solar, mexÖ.ectÖ and is nano staling horribly. Striving for energy and metal he sends a flash rush (1 at a time) to look for bomba. He shoots straight across to the left only to find emptiness. Now being to the far left of map with his few flashes he hears a shot from a sam and discovers bomba is south.

Bomba now having several vec plants is massing up with sams. Building towards the right bomba sets up sams from far left all the way around his base. But mostly gathering them to the left.

Amused, losing his flashes 1 after an other, keeps sending his units into a suicidal crusade where he has no chance of getting through. Then he gets (a little) smart and decides to gather them up. Yet again, he sends them into yet another suicidal crusade with no chance to prevail. Now getting multiple vec plants up, he masses flashes and continues to send them straight to the hands of Dr. Death.

Bomba, building towards the right, leaves himself open where he is building. Finally Amused sees this soft spot and sends his flashes that way. Penetrating bombasí base (too little too late) bomba has MUCH more sams and brings them in to stop Amused in his trackís.

Now itís bombaís turn. Having a grand mass of sams and going KBís and ADV vec bomba starts his attack and is completely unstoppable. In fact the only thing that stops him from bringing on a quick and untimely death is wreckage. Lots of it.

Bomba bringing on 3 BBís finishes the game by taking out everything Amused has built.
Up to and including the desperate attempt to go air and take out his BBís. But like he was through out the whole game, he either lacked Energy or Metal. It was kinda sad. If he would gain one, he would lack the other.

Game ends by bomba eventually reaching Amusedís commie.