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Game Name The Final Stand 3v1 Game Date 11/21/2002 Review Date 11/21/2002
Map Sail Away Rating 8 Reviewer Space_
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 X_Mastah A 9 9   Player 5 DM_em0rk B 8 8
Player 2 X_BloodStorm A 7 7   Player 6 Cajun B 8 8
Player 3 Butcher7 A 6 7   Player 7
Player 4 X_NineBall B 7 8   Player 8
This game is good but its laggy and quite hard to keep up with whats going on. Its a good game dont get wrong its a major sea battle all game. some late hawks and bombers but for the most part almost everyone masses sea/pels and meet somewhere on the map to go at it. Mastah plays a great game, though he didnt have much resistence through most of the first part of the game giving him some time to help his partner and make his Final Stand 3vs1 attempt to bring this game in for his team.

butcher7 - starting top left - going air first but doing it late he makes several bombing runs with very little contribution to hurting Krome or Cajun. He then goes into sea and does some good work with subs and cajun has a hard time controling them. He soon gets doubled later in the game by krome and is in big trouble, He does a Very controversial move and right as he is about to die gives all his stuff to Mastah which isnt a whole lot mostly resources and a few subs and cons, but does later play a factor in the ending as he was core, "hint hint".

Cajun - starting Top right - goes very quick sea no veh or kbot before, jumps straight intot he sea which seems to pay off becuase butcher doesnt get his bombers off screen just goes straight at cajun and he shoots them down with ease. Cajun massing sea quick butcher calls for help and he then gets some pels on him and krome comes to the rescue helping him out on the bottom end of his base. He is pushing hard up top and seems to be overtaking butcher well, but then gets hit by subs and it hurts but once he gets that undercontrol he has quite a few pels/crussies and him and krome hit butcher hard and take him out. He then is faced agaisnt trying to calm mastah down and kill bloodstorm but he also soon realizes that butcher gave his stuff when he died and now ahs to deal with that, he chooses to ignore for a while and heads down to help krome.

Bloodstorm - starting mid left - he goes kbot first and gets pels up pretty quick was a good move because his direct opponnet was krome who massed skeets at the start like they were going outa style. He does a great job of preasuring krome just enough to push him back and give neough room to start massing some crussies he then has this combo and for most of the game just provides little help to butcher as well as defend his own base. He never really makes a strong push on anyone more of a defensive player in this game. He holds out, but i believe he quits correct me if im wrong... but im pretty sure he didnt die but quit cause of some mad lag.

Krome - starting mid right - krome did some wierd stuff this game. he goes straight sea masses some resources gets some skets and cons out and starts to set up, then gets back on land masses some MM's but maybe its my recorder did krome make any mexes? everytime i went over there he dindt have his mexes capped, like none of them? again correct if wrong, this game is hard to keep up with so much going on. Anyways his major contribution to the game, helps nine quite a bit and hold bloodstorm inplace all game, and then makes a all out attack to kill butcher and succeeds, a overall solid game for being in the mid action of everything.

Nineball - starting bottom right - looks to be doing ok, has some great resources is going adv and looks like coould contend with mastah, but he never really seems to mass mass crussies he just build them and has quite a few but mastah is truley massing them. he gets hit hard by mastah and is looking to recover all game, he goes nuke and nukes mastah several times but since mastah is primarly sea this doing have a huge effect on teh outcome.
Its not that he didnt do well its that he didnt seemto mass those crussies on time and just got hit with more than he could handle fairly early in the game.

Mastah - starting bottom left - and he gets kbot up expands with quite a few cons setting up some godo res on land, then switches to sea and hooks tons and tons of tidal/mm's adn then makes probably at least 13 sy's and masses crussies and has a few pels but making crussies left and right he then helps out calm krome down, then switches to Nine and cripples him down, but doesnt kill him. not sure why as he could have. but then he starts to mass and save. hes got some mass resources and using them well as he has a huge army, but is gonna need it as butcher gets taken out and blood leaves, he is left witha 3v1. He goes straight after krome and kills him fairly quickly he is then sandwiched cajun from the top and nine throw a little at him the right, as well as getting nuked. He builds warlords up top and has them intercept pels from coming down on him and uses crussies to push up. Does he bring it home for his team or his eventually overwhelmed.

Its a good demo, some major lag takes part in the game, as well as its long and gruely but its really how all 3v3 should be. Its got tons of great sea battles, i would have like to see soem more air in it. Hawks/or even brawlers could have dome some major damage as everyone had open spots into thier base. But overall a pretty good 3v3 game, wasnt really one-sided and has some good play value. If 3v3 are ur thing d/l it.