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Game Name mh atlas fun Game Date 01/24/2003 Review Date 03/05/2003
Map Metal Heck Rating 4 Reviewer bomba
Game Type FFA     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TRP_Snake A 5 5   Player 5
Player 2 brownhornett B 4 4   Player 6
Player 3 nacho_guy C 3 5   Player 7
Player 4 davidadj D 4 4   Player 8
We have an ffa on metal heck here its snake and 3 noobies no emg's and comm continues.

ok well wot to say about this.

Brown goes for a veh plant and then makes some resources so he cant use his lab.

Snake goes for some res first and then a kbot lab gets a veh plant also then another then some more res cause he is stalling badly.

Nacho gets some res then a kbot lab he then guards out some cons and starts guarding out rocko's.

David makes a veh plant then makes some solars then with no metal decides to make some metal mines.

brown is makes him self another lab then goes adv veh as well ddoesnt have many attack units but has alot of res gets pounded hard by nacho's guarded out rocko's and loses his comm but still is ok starts on project air.

Snake is bigger than any of the others but is just massing his stuff up makin defence hawks is quite happy makes a little attack on david to no avail.

Nacho hasnt really gone any further in his mission since the start still doesnt have a radar and decides its atlas time makles an air plant and takes one to david its a lag fest so he picks him up no problem and blows up all his stuff he has struggled to get :(.

David well you have recovered relativly well considering your start you have some attack units a few lasers and have kept snake at bay then the comm lift u ran away as much as you could but a laggy atlas did you in.

brown you get your air up but are no match for what snake has u rejected nacho cause of the emgs cause it was no emg you played an ok game or a noobi watch some demos on tadrs and hopefully u can get better :).

Snake you got comm bombed by nacho had a tantrum and decided to destroy everything so u did :) gg possibly you should try and sort out the problem of stalling at the start 3 solars doesnt = 3 plants.

Nacho you comm bombed snake and then used your emg's when it was no emgs, you actually started off better than anyone but had the same ammount of stuff at the end as you did after 5 mins you need to keep expanding and building watch some tads i liked your atlas trick i laughed hard but it tends to annoy people so dont do it also make a radar.

David you just got in the way of snakes anger attack really and the atlas thing messed you up you recovered well from a nasty start as with the others watch some tads and that should help you out a little.

Best Player: Snake
Worst Player: Nacho
Most invovative move: make atlas and blow people up by nacho
comedy moment: see above
learning value: very little
Reason to watch: atlas fun :)