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Game Name tag vs duggan + chums Game Date 03/15/2003 Review Date 03/15/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 8 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Godlike_Duggan A 9 9   Player 5
Player 2 ISJX_L A 8 7   Player 6
Player 3 TAG_Scorpion B 7 8   Player 7
Player 4 TAG_Sensation B 8 8   Player 8
ok we got a 2 v 2 on gow here with 3 experts and 1 decent player. we have godlike and L on the left and scorpion and sensation on the right.

Godlike: Godlike goes air first and choses to get a ff out first this works out as a good choice as scorpion goes for a fast ff, godi then gets himself a bomber out and does some serious damage then gets some more ff's and goes to bomb scorpion - but he is getting his anti air up. Godi chooses to go bak and really mess scorpion up badly taking out cons with ff's and bombing the airplant down, then godi gets his con and begns to secure the top. Godi is forever helping L out with his instructions and doing plenty of team work. Godlike then opts to go for some pels and gets some cons of L to begin with his sea res. Godi is working hard with his pels helping L out and attacking both players, then he was a little sloppy and lost a few to a roach bomb. However just to make up for it he is in there reapiring damaged pels and then gets in the sea and makes crussies and then begins to stop sensations head way that he is making on L. Godi then decides its time to finish scorpion off who he has been giving a torrid time for the whole game he send in the crussie to surround scorpions isle forcing him to give his stuff and make the suicide bid to take out as many crussies as possible. great game bro i was impressed with ure recliaming and the way you made your ally play beyond himself in my opinion.

ISJX_L: to be totally honest at first i thought you would struggle with the company you were in (i m sure i would have struglled :O) but just to prove me wrong you played an ace game and listened excatly to what godi suggested and helped him out in anyway you could as many have said before team work is what wins 2 v 2 gow and thats excatly what happened :).
ok so L goes for quite a bit of res first to help out godi's air bid then he gets into the sea and goes for some skeets and some cons gets plety of cons and some nice sea res goin even gives godi some cons to help out, then takes scorpion out of the sea with a sub begins to get crussies and gets some mt's up, mainly was defending against sensations pels and later his pel and cruss combos, when it got a little to heavy up there your ally repayed your team work with some assistance and then you began to build out more and ended up being huge. kept sensation under wraps for most the game on tour own and were big enough at the end that i feel you could have kept him that way and moved forward had he not gave. ace game :)

Sensation: sensation gets loads of res up to support scorpions air bid and then goes veh for some anti air and then gets into the sea gets a few skeets and some cons and starts to set up res. Reclaims sy to go for pels then gets bak into the sea for crussies, due to the fact godi had been hitting scorpion hard at the beginning he had to support scorpion with res manages to roach bomb some pels nicely and beggin ammasing a force of pels and crussies then begin to force L back just unfortunate that his ally was very strong. Manages to get some colli's out just couldnt manage both players in there yourself and eventually L got bigger with the help of godi so it was game over and you ran with your commi at them gg anyhow

Scorpion: You were unfortunate that godi went ff at the same time as you and then he chose bomber and more ff's where as you chose to go for an early con, you went air then this got bombed down so you chose to go veh and managed to establish yourself, got into the sea only to be kicked back out when L sends his sub in, go for pels and get back into the sea (very persistent and did well to keep gettin back up) managed to bomb down godi's adv plant after saving up enough bombers, even managed to get colli's but eventually you didnt have enough pels and crussies to match godi's forces, managed to hold off godi long enough to give all your stuff and pick out the most crussies you could in your comm explosion gg also