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Game Name back for the dead Game Date 03/16/2003 Review Date 03/16/2003
Map John's Pass Rating 9 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_EvilScott A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 TAG_Metn A 9 9   Player 6
Player 3 ACE_Deviance B 7 8   Player 7
Player 4 RawDawg_FU B 8.5 8   Player 8
ok we got a 2 v 2 on JP here i though this game was excellent there was alot of twists and turns and Metn this was the difference between the teams and i loved it :) ok metn and scott are top, dev and fu are bottom, dev faces metn and fu faces scott.

N_EvilScott: veh to cons then gets some flashers out whilst making mt's for fu's bombers starts eating up the left hand side with cons and flashers gets a guard up but loses it to fu's guard. Scott is in sea as well and gets lots and lots of skeets and some cons has a brave attempt at saving metn sea but fu is sea to so unfortunatly he has to use his efforts on that, and is actually hurting fu quite badly in the sea, scott gets kicked out of the sea by those nasty subs of devs but manages to get a torp out and get himself back in the sea. scott begins to mass himself sea res and is using all that crussie metal metn is getting for sea defence and res, skeets and crussies. Scott gets fu off his land only for fu to take it again then he kicks him off again, scott thinks he is dead at one point cause fu is preasuring him hard but manages to hang in there and then metns hawks come in to help out. manages to hold out against fu for the rest of the game and after the excellent early work and the mass sharing then it was all that was needed you had helped your ally to become big enough to kill kill kill eventually lost the land to fu again but you had managed to keep him off it for a very lengthy time. Very good team work showed always willing to help out in anyway possible.

TAG_Metn: This was a superb performance a never say die attitude that saw you through to the end. Metn goes for veh first but is getting hit hard by fu's bombers then devs flashers manages to get the mt's up and then hops into the sea. Metn goes for sea cons first but devs relenless skeets keep him pinned down but he is in there reclaiming all that skeetery metal with his comm cause he has been booted out of the sea. metn gets back in to the sea nicely but here come devs subs oh dear booted out again. metn then decides he is goin for pels and then gets back in the sea again but gets booted out of it by dev again then his pels and guards begin takin out crussies and thats leaves lots and lost of crussie metal for metn and scotty to use at will he is resisting the mass sea that dev is sending nowand is reclaiming like mad. again metn gets back in the sea this time he gets advanced and gets the colli's and is adv kbot so he can get the moho makers then bang metn goes bb crussie hawks pels rockos the lot then starts ripping dev up, also save scotty from fu's sea attack with his hawks, then the last ditch bid by dev 20 subs metn somehow manages to stop this and then continues his massive drive on dev and really takes away the whole lot and finishes off his comm. Then begins to come up the back of fu and starts taking him to bits also then fu drops leaves whatever but at this point it was done.

ACE_Deviance: dev goes for veh to flash and is hurting metn with those a little. Gets in the sea and begins his skeeter assault on metn then gets some cons and goes for crussies and subs, does major damage with the subs taking both players out of the sea keeps up a massive attack on metn with his navy keeps kicking him out of the sea but when the pels came he had no reply, 3 sy was never going to be enoughsome pels or some air might have been nice and possibly an adv sy, dont get me wrong up until then i really though you were pinning down metn well but you were also throwing away huge ammounts of metal when that plan stopped working and didnt really do anything to try to componsate the 20 subs was desperation unfortunatly for you it was not succesful very close to being succesful but not quite gg any how.

RawDawg_Fu: Fu goes air first and bombs metn down hard, then he hops into the sea and gets alot of cons out, then cranks out some skeets. Gets a guard up and takes out scotts guard, gets rocko's to but cant hold the land. fu decides to concentrate on getting alot of sea for a while and gets himself some yummy colli's just a shame he couldnt get a hold of the land for moho makers. Manages to get back on his land with com only to be kicked off again. Then he starts messing scot up bad with his navy adv attack to :o and takes his land back, decides for some hawks but he is also making sea planes perhaps given 10 minutes longer he could have dealt with scott imm not sure though scott was showing alot of resolve to stick in there, anyway when he loses his ally there is little chance and he despratly goes in search of scotts com to finish it off but cant manage it and then i think he leaves dc's or sometin but its all ovee by then. gg

i enjoyed this and i really though metn and scott were goin down but metn decision to go pels was pivotal ace man