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Game Name 2v4 A4 Game Date 03/17/2003 Review Date 03/21/2003
Map Acid Foursome Rating 7 Reviewer Deviance
Game Type 2vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Bomba_duggan A 7 7   Player 5 prnll2 b 2 2
Player 2 N_Evilscott A 7 7   Player 6 Nano_187 B 4 5
Player 3 Clone49 b 3 2   Player 7
Player 4 AxeMyHand B 1   Player 8
it a 2v4 on acid foursome bomba and scott vs 4 newbs. they start bottom and scott goes some cons then bomba gets sams out. nano (who apparently isnt) does an ok rush on bomba. from here not much happens but a huge push from scott and bomba. Scott uses guardians and units to push while bomba is just units.

AxeMyHand builds no attacking units the whole game. He goes Kbot, Adv kbot, Air, atlas, com bomb. gg m80

prnll2 decides he will mass some ff's and own, guess that went a little wrong.

Clone builds a few plants and gets some samsons , but not many.

Nano porces up until bomba kills him.