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Game Name A map played alot, but few demos sent in Game Date 12/31/2002 Review Date 04/03/2003
Map Metal Heck 2 Rating 6 Reviewer Banshee
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 bomba_duggan X 7 5   Player 5
Player 2 INTRUDER_Duggan O 7 7   Player 6
Player 3 kipper40 X 7 6   Player 7
Player 4 ServiceDept O 4 5   Player 8

Teams here are bomba and kipper left and service and intruder right. Each starts off
with enough resources to start building whatever they feel like. Kipper takes a chance and
attacks his diagonal counterpart who has taken the time to build several plants. Service is caught
off guard and low on energy. Kipper's first grouping manages to wipe out most of his mexes and
his second grouping destroys all his wind. Service is way behind in the game now and will struggle
to come back. Anyone who has played Service before knows he likes to stream flashes at you from
his initial plant and then build up huge, then kill you when you've managed to control his flashes.
Which is what was going to happen until kipper threw a wench into his plan. Service's flashes did
manage to catch bomba by surprise, but no real damage is done. Service's comm becomes a fiery ball
of orange soon after. The lack of units at kipper's base allows intruder to destroy most of his
initial resource building and keeping him from expanding as he was, for a short time.

Intruder, not to be discouraged by the loss of his teammate, puts on a great show with
his unit groups and good use of resources. At first I thought his efforts would be hopeless, but
he manages to keep attacking both opponents from all angles and defend his own base. Kipper, while
expanding toward bomba, finds his comm too close to a squadron of kipper's units and is destroyed
leaving behind what seems to be a pretty fair 1vs1. There are a lot of advanced units in play now,
and it will come down to who wants it more.



  • Different map
  • Outcome of game was not predictable
  • Variety of units used



  • Use of construction units
  • Needed more air, bombers could have wreaked havok, very little air defense, didn't line bomb.
  • Control W overly used


    Parting Thoughts/Shots

    Okay, here is my take on MH2. Number one, don't walk to the edges to build your resources.
    Build as much as you can where you stand and walk away building. If you are not building wind on
    MH2, I can't help you. Do not bother going anything other than vehicle first. Build some cons first
    and let them build the resources in neat lines behind you. Use your comm to walk all over and build
    hundreds of plants. If you did it right, you should be building plant after plant with your comm, only
    stopping briefly to fill in some minor resources here and there. Be careful, you will have many units
    soon and then the tracking goes, and you'll wish you had air and nukes. Don't delay, go play MH2 today!