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Game Name The joy of big guns. Game Date 03/28/2003 Review Date 04/05/2003
Map Darkside Rating 5 Reviewer Divine
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 PW_SubZero a 6 6   Player 5
Player 2 psyco_Linkin b 6 6   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Here is another game on DS with 2 quite evenly matched players. One core and the other arm. Linken who’s core, who also starts left, goes fast plant and sets for a rush. SubZero plays a slow lab and loses only 2 mexs before getting up de. This game is almost without emgs, which was a relief. Both players expand top, spreading with cons, mts and samsons/slashers. The fighting goes back and forth while both players try to gain control of the center and the metal it holds. You get to see a lot of radar targeting, though both players could improve setting up a hold, and guarding it. This game is basically set at a stand still until both players complete a guardian within like 30 seconds of each other, then the game takes a spiral. Watch this game out to see how it ends, along with some nice close combat fighting and techniques.