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Game Name 15 minute build time? Maybe... Game Date 01/27/2003 Review Date 05/13/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 5 Reviewer Magix
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 BLITZ_Series A 6 5   Player 5
Player 2 Heart1essAngel A 5 6   Player 6
Player 3 ACE_LOST B 4 5   Player 7
Player 4 SD_rad2 B 5 4   Player 8
Its as if these players decided they were going to have a 15 min. bt before they even started. Somehow I don't think that was the case but it sure seemed that way.

Series and Heartless start on the right, Lost and Rad are on the left. All start on the ground with Team A goin' veh. and Team B, switchin' it up a bit, goes Lost veh. and Rad kbot(Lucky no one went air first). Series and Rad are in the water first, with the other two not too far behind. Team A concentrates on building mass resources with Series leading the resource race throughout the game. Team B concentrates on moving to level 2 kbot with Rad starting his adv. on the 5 min. mark and Lost at 7 mins. into the game.

Heartless makes the first "big" move by taking out Rads "early" Nmt defenses with some crusys. Down below, Series makes a good move by sending a lone skeet to attack Losts resource expansion, only killing four tidals, but accomplishing what it was sent there to do. Attract attention! Mistakingly, Lost sends his entire group of 17 pels to kill this lone skeet, meanwhile, Series sends a group of pels and 2 crusys to take out Losts SY. Unfortunately Series only destroyed the SY before his entire force is destroyed by Losts pels. Lost, lost almost all of his pels too, leaving a huge amount of metal in his vicinity. The fight for this field of wreckage begins.

Surprisingly no one establishes control of the top isl. throughout the entire game, thx to Heartless' smart use of crusys to take out the con that was placed there, and the metal patches remain uncapped. Both top players face off with sea battles most of them on Heartless' side of the map. Even though Heartless doesn't reclaim, he somehow has enough m to produce the units to fight back. Rad also wastes a lot of metal on a gaurdian (guess he was bein paranoid)that remains innactive the entire game:(.
Same thing goes on down below with Lost and Series until Lost makes an adv.SY and builds a fibber to cover for an adv.con.sub. He establishes control of the metal field by building two adv.torps. and masking them with the fibber(pretty slick my friend).

Finally, 3 out of 4 go air, then go adv. air and are making hawks. Rad opts to build a 2nd adv. kbot instead. None of the players lose anything critical until Series gets a BB up 26 mins. into the game and starts walking his BB all over Losts island which isn't very effective. (Ahem...Peepers?:)) Series then walks his BB up Rads isl. and kills the second adv.kbot. He goes back to walking the BB all over Losts base and succeeds to destroy half of his island, still leaving an adv. air allowing Lost to later take out the BB with adv.bombers.

The game is pretty much over when Heartless makes his move with mass crusys, hawks, and several pels to take out Rads resources. Rad gives up and gives all of his remaining units to Lost and tries to walk his comm. toward Series' isl., but gets killed by Heartless' crusys. At this point Lost gives up and ends the game.

The early game is dull and boring, but the action gets pretty intense in the mid. and late games.

-a bit of excessing on both sides
-no peeps for the bb
-sacrificing crusys
-not enough bombing
-no sneak attacks
-not enough reclaiming and advancing
-useless gaurdian
-poor UC by some

-fibber with adv.con.sub by LOST
-good use of crusys up top by Heartless
-good resource expansion by Team A

OH! One more thing...don't reclaim all of your veh.cons for metal, you'll need them later :P