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Game Name Power of a partner Game Date 06/12/2003 Review Date 06/12/2003
Map Crystal Maze Rating 3.5 Reviewer X_rEIGN4
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Nano_187 A 4 3   Player 5
Player 2 CR_MIKO A 2 2   Player 6
Player 3 SBF_TwIcE B 3 3   Player 7
Player 4 Ghrym B 3 3   Player 8
Although nobody is this game played very well, Nano_187 carried his own weight, then gave CR_Miko a piggyback ride, while SBF_Twice, and Ghrym, both played about the same. Unfortunatly this game didnt end quite right, but by then it was already decided who was going to win. I dont strongly recomend this for download.

Miko: He was lookin for that early rush to take the lead quick, making expanding a piece of cake, so he went 2 winds to a plant. The downside of this being that he will be low on metal after the flashs are built, so if he doesnt make his prey suffer, he will be in trouble. Not thinking of this before hand, Miko sends flashs to both bases, spreading the damage out, instead of hitting the enemy across from him. Miko is now stalling on metal, making it hard to get the mexs near by filled in a hurry. While his small rush endured (not very sucessfully) his commader sat idle, and so did his one con. unit. Miko then tries to protect his base with a few defenders, while expanding straight at his enemy with a combonation of 2 con. units, his commander, and a few sams. His enemy wasnt hurt bad by the small rush, and therefor has his second plant up in no time, which put an end to Miko's one attempt at expanding. Then Miko goes advanced with on 10 metal income, at the same time, hes trying to guard out flashes ... and what do you think happened ot his metal? It went bye bye. He showed major lack of experience of how to come back from a small deficit.

Nano_187: Nano played the best out of all of these players, not that that is an astonishing feat. Nano expanded primerily toward his ally, instead of toward his competition. Nano went with no defense, and used his units as his defense instead, making use of alot of ctrl-w manuevers, which downed your unit control a bit. Nano could have killed his opponet across from his fairly early in the game, had he not had to send units towards Miko to get the enemy out of Miko's hair. You played ok Nano, but the story might be differant if you have some opposition.

SBF_Twice: Going for a geo that early isnt a good idea, that early in the game you need your cons for other things like expanding and reclaiming. SBF_Twice did however expand towards his opponet and make it so he couldnt expand, something none of the other players did but should have done.

Ghrym: Early EMGs kind of set him back, but they shouldnt have set him back that much. He expanded, but with no backbone, no defense on his northern end. I would suggest more cons for the next time Ghrym.