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Game Name Long, Weird, but Interesting? Game Date 02/15/2003 Review Date 06/12/2003
Map Gods of War 2 Rating 0 Reviewer Magix
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TA_Moxie 1 8 6   Player 5
Player 2 Wrath_BlueWolf 2 8 7   Player 6
Player 3 lookiboy 2 5 3   Player 7
Player 4 GlamourMonkey 1 6 5   Player 8
Strange teams here...Moxie is top right, lookiboy is top left, GlamourMonkey is bottom right, and BlueWolf is bottom left...however the teams are l v r so it's Team 1: Moxie and GlamourMonkey, Team 2: BlueWolf and lookiboy.

Different starting strats from everyone as BlueWolf goes air first and begins reclaiming to go veh. second, lookiboy goes sea first and establishes a wall of nmt's, Moxie goes veh first then sea, and Glamourmonkey starts with air first then sea.

There is very little build time until the first attack which is made by lookiboy. He could have really hurt Moxie by taking out his SY with skeets, however, he has poor UC and did not know to force fire at the corners...GlamourMonkey sees that his pard has some company and sends skeets up to help, eventually destroying enemy skeets which allows Moxie to put out two subs which remove lookiboys early nmt defense and almost take out his SY.

In the mean time, GlamourMonkey and BlueWolf both expand to the vacant isls since they are air. GlamourMonkey sets up defense's and keeps on producing sea and air units. BlueWolf on the other hand builds little defense, except on the isl he expanded to, and builds a SY and adv. veh plant...which he reclaims after building 1 con to go fast BB. He proceeds to shell GlamourMonkey, taking out his SY, Air Plant, early defenses and some resources. In the mean time, Moxie is doing a number on lookiboys resources with a lone sub which he smartly snuck around all defenses. Lookiboy tries for Moxie's SY again with skeets but is vastly outnumbered and gives Moxie more metal to reclaim.

Obviously no one expected a BB within the first 15 mins. of the game, and GlamourMonkey's main isl is being constantly he relocates him comm to the mid. right isl and builds air again, hoping to a mass enough bombers to take out BlueWolf's BB. In the mean time, lookiboy is busy making...mavs?...and Moxie has gone air as well...spotting for the BB..and also producing bombers.

BlueWolf is controlling this game with his BB, taking out defenses and resources on GlamourMonkeys start isl. He then goes adv. air and send 4 Brawlers to clear the isl of the yellow colour. Up top, Moxie successfully removes lookiboy from the sea with a couple of crusys and continues to build up. GlamourMonkey is rebuilding out of range of the BB, getting wet again and still producing bombers.

Although lookiboys UC is poor, he makes advantage of a bug in TA...somehow he drops two mavs in the water...and they seem suspended there. They take out any oncoming offensive moves from Moxie...and...lookiboy has now also gone BB. Team 1 is not looking good atm, but...and there's always a but...they successfully bomb both BB's at the same time, Moxie taking out lookiboy's and GlamourMonkey taking out BlueWolf's.

There's a lot more to this game, with unusual strats and tactics popping up all over. You might want to check it out to see all the weird stuff that happens. Honestly...i'm not to sure what to make of this's just weird and offset. Of course originality rules...but this is just weird?