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Game Name Back and Forth Game Date 02/27/2003 Review Date 06/14/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer Magix
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 ReD1RuM 1 7 6   Player 5
Player 2 rE_load_ 2 7 6   Player 6
Player 3 _X_eLF_Recoil__ 1 6 8   Player 7
Player 4 Buff_Brono 2 6 4   Player 8
I haven't reviewed a gow game for a while so I decided to pick 1 of 3 that Redrum sent in:)

Team 1 (both Core) is on the right, having a typical 2v2 gow start: 1 air, 1 veh supplying E. Team 2 (both Arm) is a bit undecided and both build 3 mexes, a couple of winds and then veh. plants. BIG MISTAKE!! You'll see, if you watch the game of course, some excellent bombing by Recoil which OWNS Brono's isl, clearing every structure, and every attempt to rebuild a structure:) Redrum has also gone air and Brono is facing a double team, being forced into the sea in a scramble to get some decent aa up quickly.

While Team 1 has been busy bombing the life out of Brono, Reload has the opportunity to set up a perimeter of mt's, making his isl a death trap for bombers. He's also reclaimed his veh. plant and gone sea to help out with Brono's struggling aa. On one of Recoils bombing runs he notices that Reload is wet as well and anounces it to his teammate. In good reaction, both Team 1 players go sea. However, Reload sends a skeet and Crusy raiding party and finds Recoils SY. He sends his entire sea force out to destroy the enemy SY and Brono helps out with a couple of skeets. Redrum see's that his partner is in trouble and sends some skeets in to help, but they are no match for Team 2's small, but effective, navy.

Keeping Recoil's attention with Team 2's navy, Brono is allowed to rebuild on his isl and finally secure it, building some land and sea based resources. Reload is continually doing a great job with his small navy, but Recoil stubbornly goes for a SY while being attacked, and this time manages to keep it. Redrum again comes down to help his partner, as he has been untouched thus far, but Reload has made a good move by establishing some Nmts near Recoils isl. which, with constant naval reinforcements, crush Redrums help.

Finally, Recoil gets together a small navy of enforcers and with great UC, drives Reload and Brono out of his isls vicinity, leaving him a huge field of wreckage to reclaim (a lot of the wrecks are cusys and enforcers too), allowing him to build more enforcers. Team 1, although smaller than Team 2 in unit count, radar targets, and uses good enforcer UC to gain ground...err...water in this case:), reducing the oppsoing navy to a few left over skeets and maybe 2 crusys.

Can Team 2's late pels and BB crush the oncoming enforcer attack? Or will Team 1 over power them with enforcers? Hmmm? Watch it to find out!!!!

-great bombing by Team 1
-effective use of skeet and Crusy combo
-good team work by both teams
-good reclaiming
-radar targetting (always good to see:))

-to many idle cons
-poor resource management