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Game Name Not Worthy of my Time Game Date 03/06/2003 Review Date 06/25/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 5 Reviewer Alumium
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 ReD1RuM A 6 7   Player 5
Player 2 BLITZ_Verdict A 6 6   Player 6
Player 3 H8TERS_II B 5 5   Player 7
Player 4 Wrath_SleezzzY_ B 4 4   Player 8

-------------- As Low Down -------------

- Overall Game Summary -

This game lacked skill, intensity, unit control, people that could keep their mouth shut. The 15 + games stored on my harddrive which I consider total crap could have beaten this game.


- Small Facts -

Recorded Game: ReD1RuM

Game Time: 20 Min.

Download Size: 1.64 MB


- Game Overview -

Beggining Game -
The sides are set and the players are ready. Both sides come to a resolution that ReD1RuM on right bottom, and SleezzzY on left bottom, will face eachother in an all out early raid. Things seem to go smoothly for both sides, bombs are dropping in the south and tidals are being massly built in the north. SleezzzY starts to fall rapidly behind with the overwhelming assaults on his structures. SleezzzY, in an irritated manner, cries out for help to his quiet neighbor to the north; but instead, he receives no help in a hurry.

Middle Game -
The Sea war finally catches up and itís a desperate fight for the middle. With Sleezy so far behind, it forces H8TERS, his heated ally to go on the defensive. H8TERS places his crus and holds his ground while expecting for some reinforcements. On the right side of the map things are looking very bright. Verdict is supplying the resources while ReD1RuM is gathering a handful of pels. Combined, they cluster together and push up the heat on H8TERS front door. Aggravated, H8TERS knowing heís done for; he starts to put the blame on his ally.

End Game -
Relations continue to get worse between H8TERS and Sleezy. The game is just about over. H8TERS holds his ground to the last crus and whines the whole way out. Horrible finish to a horrible average game.


- Game Awards -

~ Game Battle Intensity: Low
~ Overall Skill Level: Average
~ Game Predictability: Very predictable
~ Unit Most Used: Pel
~ Most Determined: ReD1RuM
~ Best Unit Control: ReD1RuM
~ Smartest Building: BLITZ_Verdict
~ Rules: None
~ Learning Value: No learning Value
~ Fun to Watch: If you like whiners :)


- Major Highlights -

1. ) Bombing that owned Sleezy
2. ) Not much action or whole lot of building
3. ) Whining by H8TERS


- My Final Thoughts -

Whining and crying ruined this game. If youíre going to cry about your loss make sure you werenít the cause of it in the first place. H8TERS you where to busy making your tidals to help your ally with a few skeets and therefore you lost. Horrible game with a horrible ending. - What a waste of my time -

  • ---- * Game Reviewed and edited by Alumium *