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Game Name Not Anyone Can "Finnish" The Americans Game Date 04/25/2003 Review Date 06/27/2003
Map Comet Catcher Rating 8.5 Reviewer Wrath_SiLvA_
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 BL4CK_Death_ B 7 7.5   Player 5 _RawDawgSpace_ A 8 8
Player 2 BL4CK_RaBBiT B 8 8   Player 6 N_ooBer A 6 6
Player 3 BL4CK_AQUA B 7 7   Player 7
Player 4 N_Saint A 7 8   Player 8
Good evening folks :) This bout starts out with teamb BL4CK vs Team N/RD i can just feel the heat coming off the burning shrapnel owwweeee this is gonna be a blast :).

Anyways... game starts with .cmdwarp and Team B goes North, Team A South... All the players start with fairly the same strat but only change a bit of the sequence. N_ooBer is a bit dissatisfied with his commie and says so in allied chat. Those Finnish talk their talk while the Americans squabble over Space not seeing Noober ;) but that flies over quickly. Space and Noober finish their plants fairly close in time while Aqua and Death are half way done with theirs. Meanwhile Rabbit seems to be going resource happy and building pretty far downward. Everyone make 1 con first then 2 flashes but Rabbit makes 2 cons!! made possible from all that metal he had. Aqua makes 5 flashes and decends towards Space. Meanwhile Rabbit is still building wit his 2(TWO!!!) cons, Death is going at Saints commie-less base because he and Space decided to commie expand WAY away from home :) and noober is just slowly expanding upward with his commie and con.

Minor raids are exchanged but i think aqua and deaths flashes coulda done alot better but anywhoo. Everyone is still playing the expansion game but Rabbit and space are doing pretty good at it. Rabbit a bit more because he has 2 labs and everyone else has 1 :) Space now gets up a second plant fairly in the middle of the map. Death then send 4 flashes sideline into Saints base. and Noober is still recovering from that double :( Deaths 4 flashes semi-rape Saints commieless base and Space responds by raiding Rabbits mexes at top and hits about 1 or 2 of Deaths. At this point i'm starting to admire Rabbit and Spaces gameplay the most because rabbit is starting to try to control the middle by making 3 cons nano lines of mt's as space creeps up closer and closer to AQUA in hopes of disposing of his commie quickly.

Rabbit now makes a beautiful raid on spaces con making MT's then stops infront of Nober's Commie who is building a kbot lab. Rabbits flashes force Noober to dgun them which results in killing the kbot lab which was about 30% done. Aqua agresses Spaces 7 sams with his 5 sams and 6 flashes. Death becomes a bit more active as well and has quite a bit of flashes gathered on the left side near Saints crater. Deaths flashes take out 1 of saints cons, his first plant and almost takes out is 2nd plant. Aqua comes under fire when he's creating a new plant and has to retreat and build it about half a screen back. Rabbit now sends flashes at Saint and tries to finish off that plant but Saint stays strong and keeps his plant alive. Space pulls a beautiful move and gets into the back of Aquas base, does minimal damage but where the real fire fight is is down near saints crater where Saints commie is alomst overwhelmed by Deaths sams and Rabbits flashes. Death now starts to go Sideline to take out Saint which in my opinion, he should have done YEARS ago. Space makes Aquas commie go boom and it could have been easily avoided...

Alot of back and forth ensuse, but Death takes out saints starting pos and Rabbit works up ALOTTTT!! of sams i'm talkin about 35-50 lol anyway. Noober redeems himself with a nice guard push compliments of a kbot con and his commie doin some risky work ;) Odin now pulls a gayafied comie rush :( gg bro hehe ;) anyways Rabbit send his horde of sams towards Spaces base to insert some missiles into spaces anus. This fails and everything gets all funny :-/. i've Novelized this tad too much as is so i'll let you guys see the ending :) gg guys i got next game ;)