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Game Name A4 3v3? ur crazy Game Date 05/12/2003 Review Date 07/06/2003
Map Acid Foursome Rating 8.5 Reviewer Space
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 swe_abe A 7 9   Player 5 N_OrtelFonced B 8 9
Player 2 swe_peppe A 8 9   Player 6 N_EvilScott B 7 9
Player 3 swe_vegan A 9 9   Player 7
Player 4 BTU_Canuckish B 8 9   Player 8
Pretty good game here, with SWE vs 2 N's and Canuck.

U have abe on the right, peppe in the middle and vegan on the left on the top of the map.

down bottom u have, scott on the right, ort in the middle and canuck on the left.

So there is the match up, ill go by match ups... as doing a full game summary is hard to keep up with in 3v3. First u have abe and scott going at it, abe does a good job at the start sam/mt's creeping down on scott but then stops short while scott pushes back with mass sams. They kinda stall agianst eachother and pretty much just stand still and fight ecahother for the rest of thier game with Gaurds and mt's.... abe makes a nice late push up agianst scott and breaks through for a while.

Peppe and Ort going at it hard all game in the middle, both players play a good game there at the start with flashes and in the mid game iwth mass mt's guards and flashes, An interesting move from peppe as he goes adv air and soon has some bb's into the mix, this throws the bottom team a bit off gaurd and the game changes quite drastically from here, some nice adv bombing by peppe adds some new mix into the match.

Cancuck and vegan going on the left side do some nice rushing aginast eachother. They also do some gaurd wars going ona nd vegan getting the upper had there fora bit but canuck is far from giving up he soon goes adv and gets some jammers up in the mix, while making some bb's and air. Some interesting tactics by both these players makes the left side worth watching as well.

Good game by all 6 players, and these kinda games is what i like to see on tadrs, a bit differnt map, style, gameplay, and unit choice. Good game.