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Game Name Weird positions with rocko love. Game Date 07/09/2003 Review Date 07/11/2003
Map Lava Highground Rating 9 Reviewer N_EvilScott
Game Type 1vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 BlackFlag A 9 10   Player 5
Player 2 Black_Lung B 8 8   Player 6
Player 3   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Here we go with Another game from the Saga!!! this time we have a very very very good 1 on 1 confrontation with BF and Renegade, this time on Lava Highground, another one of those underplayed maps 1v1, mainly becuase it always results in dgunning of commanders in the middle of the map. But none of that garbage here.

This game is really funky I'll start with the game review and elaberate. To start things off, Renegade is top left, and BF is bottom right. BF goes CORE again MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA, and air first, theres a twist for you. Despite the early jeffies from Renegade bf still manages to get a bomber off and a con air and walks to mid to mass mt's. This was a good move in the beginning, and it allows bf to secure the middle, however just when things are looking up renegade decides to bring his commander into the middle of it.

Now the game gets F R U I T Y. After BF loses his lab in middle, and Renegade shows his hipocracy of "I never comm rush!" BF does it right back, his very right to infact! Now, with bf following Renegade into his start position with a squadron of Instigators, he levels Renegades base MUAHAHA EAT THAT! however renegade narrowly escapes the waste land, and reaches a new island off to the Top Right, as well as having a con bottom Right. Now we have different positions. BF is in Renegades old starting pos of Top Left, while Renegade is now Top Right massing some rockos like theres no tomorrow.

This is where the game gets REALLY good though. BF will NOT be undone, he fights like a savage monster, and it really impressed me actually. He gets MASSSSSSSSS rushed with rockos, and NARROWLY survives himself, but gets his isle secured. Now with his isle secured and dead rocko carcus's everywhere, what will bf do? Well, sense Renegade has a strong position in middle, he prompts for a punisher sense he's core. And a good move it is, Renegade retreats, however now something cool is about to be seen. BF moves into middle with 4 cons and builds a fast lab for slashers, and now here comes litterally 30-40 rockos or somewhere in that number, just TONS and a constant line almost coming down. BF narrowly dodges TONS of rocko missiles. Even as a slow core commander, he NARROWLY dodges TONS of missiles flying at him, while his cons build up, and his precise movements and dgunning was like no other I've ever seen.

After this initial match up, His UC is just unbeatable it seems, and he takes back bottom Left isle which Renegade took eventually, but just DT'd off. While all this is happening, Renegade prompts for a BB, and gets it up, but it does virtually no damage, and once bf's punisher hits it Renegade gives up, and this game is over.

A very good 1v1, not something your going to see everyday. Download for yourself and enjoy!