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Game Name Big PD Battle Game Date 12/07/2003 Review Date 07/17/2003
Map Painted Desert Rating 7 Reviewer PRO_Silencer
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_Crip A 7 9   Player 5 N_Cieko B 7 8
Player 2 swe_abe A 6 7   Player 6 Time_the_sinner B 6 6
Player 3 rANDY A 6 6   Player 7 Djinn ( watcher ) -
Player 4 BTU_Canuckish B 7 7   Player 8
Team A starts on the left with Crip top, rANDY middle and Abe bottom. Crip tells rANDY to build up and get huge, whilst he and Abe concentrate on attacking and damaging their enemies early on in the game.
Crip and Abe both churn out 2 or 3 cons followed by plenty of flashes which, in Crip's case, work well, killing all but one mex and a few winds of Tim's base. Abe, however, is not so lucky against "The BTU Guy" ( You'd have to see the tad to understand. - Incentive ;) ) and no damage is caused. rANDY, following orders churns out plenty of cons but doesn't use them properly :(. Semmingly afraid of Cieko's nearby flashes waiting to pounce on vulnerable cons, he builds lots of defenders at his starting position, then expands very slowly and carefully.

Team B starts on the right, with Tim top, Cieko middle, and Canuck bottom.
Cieko and Canuck both included solars in their starting B.O.'s. ( Which i found odd, but they know better :/ ) Cieko built a mix of cons, flashes, samsons and jeffies and used them quite well, expanding quickly, raiding andy's outer units, and covering the middle. Canuck builds a second plant early, guarding out cons whilst the first plant made samsons. Tim defends against Crip's raids and begins to rebuild.

At this stage, team A seem to have a large advantage over B. Crip continues to produce flashes whilst Abe converts to making defenders and samsons and begins a radar - shooting war with Canuck. Finally willing to expand, rANDY sends his cons out in all directions and sends his commy, guarded by 10 samsons, to the middle. At this point, rANDY disconnects, leaving his units for Crip to take. With rANDY's res as well as his own, Crip becomes the first to go advanced, followed by Tim.
Seeing their oppurtunity to turn the tables, team B begin a big comeback. All 3 move forward and start producing large numbers of defenders.
Will team B suceed in making a comeback?
Will Tim redeem himself from being a burning wreck?
Download to see! :D It's a GG, with very good players on a good map, but it could have been better and it was a bit boring imho. Sorry :(