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Game Name The young and the wasted Game Date 08/17/2003 Review Date 09/03/2003
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 9 Reviewer X_Mastah
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 KING_BlackFlag A 9 8.5   Player 5
Player 2 N_Eyedoll A 7 6   Player 6
Player 3 N_EvilScott B 8.5 9   Player 7
Player 4 TAG_Metn B 7 7   Player 8
This is what Scott had to say about the game: "I sent this game in, because you will NOT see this at all, or atleast I've not seen it until this game, and the great diversity that BF uses is awesome. The game is like 2 different wars, metn and eyedoll, and then me and weston :) You'll notice when you watch it I'm sure we're like 2 titans at top with a couple other guys at bottom ANYWAY! this game is super juicy so enjoy and your gonna be shocked at the building in the game I'm sure well I hope :P its cool to watch."

On to the game itself, very nice game with some interesting stuff to see, but also some nasty stuff :P We have scott and BF up top dukeing it out with more of a porcing style, scott going for a fast gaurd then gaurd croaching forward and bf using flash defensivly therefor letting scott succeed early on with his gaurds. but bf has other ideas when he sees this and goes adv air. yes adv air :). he first goes hawks to help with base defence then goes adv bombers in an attempt to take out the oncomming gaurds.

Down south we have eyedoll and Metn fighting rather more viciously for the begining part, with metn getting the upper hand, however doll moves his comm forward and sets up a guard. following qquickly behind Metn sets up his own and the gaurd wars start. I was rather annoyed at how eyedoll handled his gaurds as he lost many gaurds through simple lack of nano blocking, come on man sort it out!

the end portion of the game is where it starts, doll gets taken out by a gaurd shell while trying to ask bf if he had a bb, what a waste :/ but graciously Metn self d's all his stuff to let Scott and bf fight it out as a 1v1.

watch to see if Bf can pull it out the bag with his wonderful adv air, or can scott bring it in for his team with his awesome building skillz.