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Game Name Purple Haze Game Date 08/30/2003 Review Date 09/03/2003
Map Crystal Islands Rating 9 Reviewer X_Mastah
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_EvilScott A 9 8   Player 5
Player 2 __GodLy_187__ A 7 8   Player 6
Player 3 _ES_Taz_ B 7 7   Player 7
Player 4 ES_Avatar B 8.5 8.5   Player 8
Lots of skill, lots of communication and LOTS of skeets :D what more does a good demo need? well this one doesnt need much ;)

we have scott and godly up against the ES team. I must admit ive never heard of these guys before but daimn can they play. well Avatar sure shoes what he is made of, taking a 2v1 in his stride at the begining while his ally (the only one to get a nice island all to himself) builds up with bots before entering sea.

unfortunately this lateness to enter the sea sets his team back, will they recover? or will the end draw near... download and see.