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Game Name Small Numbers Game Date 09/27/2003 Review Date 09/27/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 6 Reviewer Magix
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 NL_WhoperJunior 1 6 6   Player 5
Player 2 _LeOniuS_ 2 6 5   Player 6
Player 3 BeWaRe_MaGnuS 2 5 7   Player 7
Player 4 MUTHA_BIATCH2 1 7 7   Player 8
Small Numbers is when UC becomes very crucial. Don't have a lot to work you better use what you got, well! This game has some good UC, and some bad UC. It's not your typical gow game either.

Mutha and Whoper are on the left, with Mutha going air first and Whoper making nothin but res. Beware goes air too, and Leo is making res. and veh.

A few bombing runs sets back Beware and Leo, but Beware gets out two ffs and goes for Mutha's isl. Mutha has no aa, and is forced to reclaim air and go veh. Unknown to Team 2, Whoper has now gone air, gets rid of Beware's FFs, does a few bombing runs to slow things down, makes 2 atlas' and then reclaims to go kbot then pels.

By the time Mutha has his isl secure and is going see...and Whoper is starting to build his adv...Leo has 3 pels going in to attack Mutha's resource expansion. Beware backs this up with some skeets, and Mutha finds himself in trouble. But...with some good UC with cons and crussies...and help from Whopers pels, they drive away team 2 leaving them a fairly large field of wreckage.

From here...the wreckage is reclaimed mostly by Mutha...who excesses then shares, and Team 1 dbls on Beware. As i said before...this game had small once Beware's force was gone...that's was gone. Having almost nothing to defend himself with, Beware is taken out then Leo takes his turn.

Kinda cool to watch, considering you don't come by a gow game with such small unit counts that often...but it's nothing download if you like.