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Game Name Attack from John's old friends... Game Date 11/27/1999 Review Date 11/12/2003
Map John's Pass Rating 8 Reviewer N_EvilScott
Game Type Old School     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Gnug825 (TAG_ROCK) A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 Gnug215 A 9 8.5   Player 6
Player 3 bil_duggan B 8 8   Player 7
Player 4 Archist_ B 8.5 6.1   Player 8
Old school game:

We begin with some of the renouned Gnugs, whom were once best players of their age. Anyway who cares about that! on with the show, we have archist and bil bottom, vs 825 and 215 top! you can easily tell how old this is by the suggested strats.. they're so sexy! just watch archist as he.. wait a minute HE SUCKS! HE DIDN"T MAKE MORE MEX HE MADE MM'S INSTEAD!! BAKA GAIJIN! ok.. whatever I dunno why I said that anyway he's coo :) it still looks homophobic tho ;)

Bil goes steady along with rock, but 215 goes I WANT YOUR BEHIND FOR MYSELF RAH! and lashes out with a vengence.. whilst not being aggressive he still gets his point accross.. the game progresses with pointless units, no farks and meaningless attacking just wasting units GOTTA LOVE OLD SCHOOL!