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Game Name substitute Game Date 10/10/2003 Review Date 11/23/2003
Map Brain Coral Rating 4 Reviewer bomba
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Wikid_Dabitch A 5 6   Player 5 Wikid_Angelfire A 5 5
Player 2 tat_blue B 4 6   Player 6 Wikid_m4st3rjozh A 8 7
Player 3 LTA_S2tobacco79 B 4 4   Player 7
Player 4 tat_ragnarok B 6 5   Player 8
We have a 3 v 3 on brain coral here with wikid vs the others (2 tats and one lta) in a gsa match up it is a random pos start. There is a text to go with this demo the reason it was sent in was to show tat_blue up for cheating however i cant really say for certain something bizzare has happened to the recording.

there r two different styles of start to be seen here some go cons first and others go skeets first, blue rag angel and tobac all go for cons first which turns out isnt much use to them as dabitch and jozh have went skeets. Angel goes over blue with skeets and then turns her attention to tobac along with jozh setting back blue and tobac hard. Dabitch gets a sub and goes for the juggular and blue franticly goes for a sub this is wen it goes funny from wit i can c blues comm takes 23 hits from that sub and then it appears just to die, however the game speed its self up so i dont really now if it all makes sense blue nano shieds some of the shots but i count 23 hits but the demo is screwed at that part so mayb im just not seing the nano blocks any1 who can shed some light on it plz do. The second accusation is an instabuilt sub from what i can c this is unfounded blue builds it legitimatly so bak to the action then.

raggy gets killed Blue manages to kill that sub then goes and kills dabitches comm with a sub of his own josh is prty much huge and has way to much stuff for blue and tobac, angel has pretty much done her own thing slowly but she was still alive. It is a pretty uneven game but it wasnt sent in for entertainment value