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Game Name Decent Game Game Date 09/03/2003 Review Date 12/23/2003
Map Gasplant Plain Rating 7 Reviewer Magix
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Numenor 1 9 9   Player 5
Player 2 Twista 2 6 6   Player 6
Player 3 N1ghtMare 2 8 7   Player 7
Player 4 Gix 1 7 7   Player 8
Well...its been a while since I put out a review...and I really have nothing else to do as I sit here and wish I wasn't coughin up a lung:P, so here it goes!

Decent game here, teams and sides have been pre chosen by Twista. Regular BO from everyone but Gix, who goes for a fast plant which gives him the opportunity to get a few more flash out and help Numenor double Nightmare. Right away...Team 2 is on the defensive, and Twista finds himself in a load of trouble as he hasn't capped his outside mexes by the 10 min mark. Making that geo...instead of putting resources into expansion, is what did that to ya man!!!!

Anyway...overall, Nightmare is playing a good Core game...gets raided early..but defends and porcs up expanding with a porc. Numenor(Best player in this game by Far), is building the right units and structures, at the right time, and using them the right way. Gix is playing a fairly good game, attacking well and creeping up on Twista with mt's. The game takes a sour note, when Gix finds himself stalling after a good counterstrike by Twista, and is forced to reclaim M with commy so he can finish his adv. However...all the M is in a big undefended Metal field, and once Numneor moves his units away Gix is a loner with a con setting up a gaurd. Twista and Nightmare take this opportunity to rush Gix's comm with flash, rocko's, and storm's. Bye bye Gix!

The game continue's though...and just before Gix dies...Numenor finishes his air plant...after his FIRST BB!!! He expands well into the bottom, preventing a lot of damage from an attack that Twista mounts by stocking units in Gix's corner. Once that attack is foiled...the BB's start shellin...and the complainer (Twista), seems to think the only thing he can do is Comm Bomb!!! But he fails, successful in only taking out some mt's and maybe a kbot plant or two. GG Numenor!!!