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Game Name My own blood... Game Date 09/05/2003 Review Date 01/05/2004
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer BTU_Natas
Game Type 2vs2     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Back840 A 6 5   Player 5 Ichotolotos W
Player 2 TTD_sicco B 6 3   Player 6
Player 3 Atylan B 5 4   Player 7
Player 4 BTU_DaDof_Evil A 5.5 7   Player 8
First letz start this review abit different, Yes these people are all blood.. yes family, the BTU is my dad :) Atylan,backy and sicco are my cousins and the watcher wiff the horrible name u never seem to spell right,is my uncle (ichotolotos)

They never play something different then gow, except daddy cuse he plays a fair deal of games with me on other maps. But after 6 years of TA vs eachother they play it abit different! They try to make insanely amounts of tidals, cuse thats what everybody else does, but they are also are very aggressive cuse they know eachothers weakness and thats pressure.
None of them can take that and early pressure will result in them heating up and starting some serious boiling,They go for fast attack groups arround the 10 to 15min mark and kill eachothers tidals fast so they get the upper hand.

Well nothing special here u say, well this is the comedy factor in every game they play. Some one will succeed in every game to slow one guy down. Then u would think they would ask there ally to help, but they all play except dad as they are alone on the map.. so asking for help is like talking to a wall! the best help they'll give u is sucking up ur rocks and stealing all ur wrecks and they'll not share u any M.. this is ur ally not ur enemy but hey.. its funny to watch, although they do share E from time to time.. but only when u really dont need it :P

But as u now know they are all pretty even and equal.. only dad stands out in his first 15min play and if he has a good day he'll be awesome for 20min.. then he loses concentration and lowers to there level which is pretty average, but hey cant blame the guy u try playing ta if ur hart cant keep up wiff the action (some serious operations kept him alive and kicking just the kicking doesnt last that long...)
This aint ment to flame em to death although it looks like it, but it makes the game alot more tasty if u understand how they play.. ur getting a free look in there heads ;)

Now on to the game,dad and backy start right and build up in there own and unique style and so do the guys on left (atylan and sicco) Non goes air, mainly as it will just bring problems as there bombing isnt good enuff to kill off people or seriously put them down.. aka they simply know how to keep there islands bomber free.. The game is slowly till arround 12min so skip that part if u dont wanna fall asleep!

Then the crazy and endless row of misstakes/bloopers start.. wrong units and funny stuff happen and a really stupid misstake by atylan! omg was he stupid.. but ull c that in game... some nice roaches and some not so nice roaches by sicco.. screw up his entire play... adn when he starts to lose he starts calling my dad, JORNE... trying to state dad cant play that good and it must be me... Well i would sink my computer in mount doom if i played like that, seriously he does it every game my dad is winning.

The game also has some good stuff in it... a mass sub attack.. and a counter u dont c alot :D... There are units being used u dont c everygame and ull like that..

So is it worthy of wasting ur precious time? well yes watch it at +10 and ull get ur laughs.. and bump ur head into the wall,cuse one of them just refuses to help his ally or use everything he gets to secure a piece of sea, which intime he does but coulda done alot faster.. oh just watch it and enjoy this freak review!!!

And guys if u read this.. our next lan, lets 5vs1 on esws!!!!!!!!!! wooooot so much fun!!