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Game Name Quality over Quantity Game Date 01/03/2004 Review Date 01/08/2004
Map Painted Desert Rating 8 Reviewer X_Mastah
Game Type 3vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 VP_Bomba A 9 9   Player 5 VP_Evil_Gaia B 8 8
Player 2 VP_Varminter A 8 8   Player 6 Arit3my5 B 8 8
Player 3 X_dogy A 6 6   Player 7
Player 4 _TAbodeGa_ B 7 7   Player 8
here we have a 3v3 on pd, a little different from the the norm, with each team having one player that shines out (dont get me wrong the other performed fine, but there was a leader of the pack on each side) Bomba on the right sits in middle and with a long arm leads a very nice double rush with varminter to hit gaia on the south, who in turn does a superb job of weathering the storm of flash despite losing 4 early plants.

Despite the setback gaia does a superb job of rebuilding and even manages to get back on the offensive and box varminter in well. partly due to a nice little attack from Arit(which could have done more damage were it not for the police man bomba helping out his team)

Up top dogy doesnt fair too well and misses an opportunity to set himself up right from the start as a simple rush of jeffies or flash could have set back his opponent very easily. but as it is, the slow comm walk sets up a nice flash rush on dogy instead. hurt bad dogy walks his comm to secure more land and resources for himself to bring himself back but this is a fatal mistake.

Now a 3v2 with varminter boxed in at the bottom and bomba trying to protect pretty much all flanks, you just have to watch how bomba handles all this pressure. not a flinch. he uses groups of sams with ease as he attacks defends and builds all at the same time, setting up a nice wall of defenders around the middle as is varminter, building a nice forest of mts. bomba knows he has to stop top guy from taking dogy's start pos and goes on an ongoing offensive against him. Will he succeed in turning the tide in his teams favour? or will that extra player make all the difference. tune in for another episode of Quality not Quantity! ....or just watch the tad...

well played guys was a fun watch.