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Game Name Sheer numbers Game Date 03/31/2002 Review Date 01/05/2003
Map Core Prime Industrial Area Rating 7 Reviewer ACE_Erindel
Game Type 2vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 _4ever1ove_ A   Player 5
Player 2 TAG_Rock B   Player 6
Player 3 DM_Evilscott B   Player 7
Player 4   Player 8
Pic tries again to take out Rock and Evilscott in a 2v1 on CPIA in this game. Here will be confirmed the problems you meet when playing those huge games, where ctrl w is something you must NOT do, where conveh idling is a way of life, and where you produce insane amounts of resources. In the previous game, pic won the 2v1... lets see if he will be able to do the same this time.

Well the game starts the usual way i guess, the 3 players building tons and tons of convehs and metal/energy. Then the fight begins, with endless streams of units pouring out of all bases... except Rocks, who manage to choke himself to a complete stop of all his units... you know how pathfinding becomes sluggish when you reach like 800 units :). Evilscott does a very good job at keeping his units in movement, and pic builds like lightning as usual. Rocks switches to BBs and guardian to have some kind of firepower. The fight goes on, and if it gets a bit repetitive, at least you will learn some things about how to play that kind of games.

I couldnt rate the players skill in this game, but they all played well :), and if you want to learn how to play big metal maps with ground units instead of going all hawks, this is a good download.

Technical facts:

Battle intensity : very slow at begininng, then of course its non stop after a few mins.
Skill Balance : its a 2v1...
Average skill/learning value : the strong point of this game. High.
Originality : definately something you wont see every day.
Fun : somewhat.
Duration : around 40-45 mins in normal speed.