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Game Name Takes 2 to beat 2 Game Date 10/26/2001 Review Date 01/21/2003
Map Gods of War Rating 4 Reviewer X_Alumium_
Game Type 2vs1     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 Raging_Manatee A 4 5   Player 5
Player 2 FFAxtitanium A 5 2   Player 6
Player 3 RUSH_Templar38 B 4 5   Player 7
Player 4 Mac_The_Machine B 3   Player 8
-Type of Review:Short Review
-Quick Summary:Really an old school game with 3 not very skilled players and also contains a Nooby!
-Game Size:2.45MbUnzipped:4.52Mb
-Game Length: 50 min

-Summary of Game

Beginning of Game….
Starts out looking like an old school game, with no bomb runs, and 2 quick Adv k-bot starts. Small skirmish’s erupt on bottom with Titanium defending with lasers from Temp’s pels but nothing more. Team A, goes pels and sea, while team B, sits back, makes a bb, but not much more

Middle of Game….
On top, Raging Manatee makes pels, while building a BB with energy from a fusion. Titanium runs from Temp’s BB, and hides in the sea from Templar’s locked on BB. Templar advances on using his BB and makes pels. Mac_The_Machine noobishly sits, and does nothing.

Ending of Game Team A takes out Team’s B bb and pounds rounds onto their base. To find out the rest, take a peek.

-Overall Stats

Battle Intensity: Low
Overall Player Skills: Low and funny at times
Overall Strategy: BB War
Play of the game: None
Most Valuable Player: None
Most Determined: RUSH_Templar38
Unit of Choice: Pel
Learning Value: None
Fun to Watch: Funny Yes

-Player Summary’s

Has only one strategy in mind, to pound Team B with a BB and to make pels. Not a very good player and his strat would not hold up these days, but it does ok.

At the start, he looks like the best player this game. Titanium starts out massing tidals, he then makes an adv. bot early and defends himself with a row of lasers against bottoms, pel attacks.
Not a very skilled player, but funny to watch him run around.

Goes on without a real ally. Makes an early adv. lab and uses bb to pounds on tit until manatee gets one of his own and takes Temp’s out. Comm rushes once and isn’t too skilled of a player.

A newb who makes dumb things, and does not attack. Besides that, no Comment!

-Comments…This game has not very skilled players, and is not to intense. It almost turns into an old school game with a bb war going on. If you enjoy Newbish games with BB’s, and a few pels, I recommend this one for you!