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Game Name Scott + BF = Alot of stuff go *BOOM* Game Date 04/01/2003 Review Date 07/21/2003
Map Painted Desert Rating 9.3 Reviewer Wrath_SiLvA_
Game Type 2vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_EvilScott A 9 9   Player 5 GrumpyStarfish B 5 4
Player 2 BF (TheSludgeKing) A 8 9.5   Player 6 Perfect_Dark196 B 3 3
Player 3 BL4CK_AQUA B 7 7   Player 7 SILVA C 10 10
Player 4 BL4CK_Jack B 5 6   Player 8
*cough* 2v3

aka Dark did nada.. guys it's 59min game fun to watch lol really funny to watch and see many things. Like BF crying "Scott HELP!!" thats golden pure mint :P anyways At the start BF anal raids Jack from above and hurts him really bad. Meanwhile Scott that monster flash phucks the hell out of Grumpy meanwhile Perfect does nada to help his friend(s) and AQUA begins to rush BF doesn't do well but eventually gets a con. 20-30mins go by... ALOT of funny start happenin i just kept laughing how Scott was pushing sooooo far out and expanding like a fat cops' waist line. Jacko makes a good run into BF's base towards end and rips up 2 plants 8 MT's about 12 winds and a radar tower :P then he makes another run on BF's base when BF send off all his units to kill AQUA. this group doesn't do much but it still looked exciting to see the fleet crawl up the side line ;). WOW now 2 commies go BANG BONG BOOOOM and the 2 BL4CK fin natives start gibberin in finnish and BF and scott gawk in awe @ their amazing language *lol* anyways fun ass game DL it it's good to watch.

BF's build que's
BF's pumping
Scott's expansion
Scott's UC
Scott's gayness (rofl)
AQUA's mistake goin adv so early
Jacks inability to stop BF's rush
Dark's stupidity
Grump's Iron will to fight to the death
Silva's greatness for blessing the TA community with ummm uhh HIMSELF!!! *room starts clapping* you people are too kind :) *exits stage left*