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Game Name Sounds like popcorn Game Date 05/31/2004 Review Date 06/01/2004
Map Comet Catcher Rating 7.5 Reviewer _xMANTISx_
Game Type 2vs3     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 N_xReapAx_ A 8.5 8.5   Player 5 TheSamIhli B 5 5
Player 2 N_EvilScott A 8.5 8.5   Player 6 _KoE_Shaun B 4 4
Player 3 N_SodaPopinski A 8.5 8.5   Player 7 BIA_PantheR_ B 4 4
Player 4 xSulfy007 B 5 5   Player 8 Rock5Zolt B 5 5
Hmm actually a 3 vs. 5... N_ vs. the rest.

There are some tense moments early on as a few dragon's teeth are all that are keeping Scott's hope to control middle alive. Initially this looks like it's gonna be hard to call but I think the tide pretty quickly goes all team A's way.

Great mt/gard creep down the side with com by Reaper. Nice creeping by SodaPop as well. Nice unit production and building by Scotty of course. Communication was pretty good, sure helps...other team had almost none. Woulda been nice to see some unit variation. Sounded like popcorn all those sams firing at same time.

Team B does all kinds of odd things to try and get their resources up. It's really quite maddening to watch. Maybe one guy could go quick adv. and fusion...or bb...something besides solar/mm farms! To their credit they were facing an uphill battle from the getgo and they played hard. The scores were hard to gauge...hope noones too miffed :P