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Game Name CPT - Nasty, evil, wicked, naughty, foul, gruesome, terrible, rotten, raw and chilly, just plain 2Nazty4U. Game Date 12/10/2002 Review Date 12/11/2002
Map Gods of War Rating 9 Reviewer Kungen
Game Type Tournament     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TAG_Metn A 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 N_Saint B 9 8   Player 6
Player 3 TAG_Rock A 8 9   Player 7
Player 4 N_Crip B 7 7   Player 8
Nazty nazty nazty, that was a name/nick i used when i started my "pro" TA career on boneyards a long long time ago in a galaxy far away..
This game had this, my "online-nick" on it so i decided to look closer on it just to discover that it is a 2v2 Cash Prize Tourny game on Gow.
Nazty, or Nasty if u wanna be picky with it can mean alot of things, good things, bad things and even scary things.
This game has em all as u will see.
TAG vs N, or closer up, the worldwide famous TA god's ROCK and Metn versus The old and just as famous Nemesis players Crip and Saint.
I love to look at these tourny games cuase i can feel the nervousness the players feel while im watching the recorded battle, the decisions they make and what the result will be of moves they do, units they build etc, if its a bad or a good one.

In the battle room they decide that there will be no use of markers/ta-hook/sharelos/mappos and no commander on top island.
Also they use commanderwarp to get the start pos right to make it more fair.
Crip and saint decides that they want the left side containing the famous/infamous peanut island, and rock+metn getting the obvius in this matter the right side.
Now they are all holding thier breath while host is moving his cursor to the START button to start this NASTY battle!

Both Crip and Saint starts of with Veh while the old ROCK knows that a quick air assult can end this EVIL game quick if made succesful, he gets two ff's out and scouts the Nemesis players discovering that they are both Veh wich will give him and Metn time to secure top island using ROCK's Air and Metn's veh.
Crip and Saint probebly already knowing that using a non aggressive start they will lose the top, they now move on to expanding down to the sea letting Saint build a Sea lab and crip going air to disturb the TAG players with a few bombers.
ROCK's scouting discovers the NAUGHTY way the Nemesis players have taken and tells Metn to hurry to get into the water and not letting the Nemesis/Saint get to big of a advantage in the sea.

Saint getting a few con-ships out starts to build his marine base and at the some time tries to get top island with skeeters while Crip sends a flash to top with a 1st class air transport, the mission fails TERRIBLE and they abondon the thoughts of getting the top.
Saints navy grows larger and ROCK sees no other choice but to jump into sea and help Metn out, or atleast back him up some and at the same time use a few con-ships to increase his income.
Crip continues to bomb TAG marked mexes all over the enemy controled islands giving Saint a few extra sec's to gather his forces while ROCK and Metn has to concentrate on to cover up the lost metal patches.

Now Saint want Crip to move into the water aswell to help him deal with ROCK's and Metns Navy-forces, but Crip got other plans, telling Saint to be CHILLY, and hold his ground with the crusses and skeets he got, not wanna give a itchy bity tiny wreck away to the enemy.
Crip goes adv bot, BUT at the same time ROCK get the same bright idea and he makes a adv-bot lab aswell.
They are both veterans and they both know that what is needed now are pels, alot of pels!!
Pels backed up with crusses are a very powerful tool, specily on a map like Gods of War.

Its not the clone wars, its the PELICAN wars! and its the CRUSSIE wars!
Now both teams are massing up huge amount of forces containing crusses/skeets and the mighty pel's..

Nasty, evil, wicked, naughty, foul, gruesome, terrible, rotten, raw and chilly, just plain 2Nazty4U..Yes this is a show u must see... it contains all of the above, so dont switch channel, stay focused and stay tuned! if next episode gets better then this we are ALL lucky! very lucky!

Ps: DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE SCORES THAT ARE GIVEN OUT, well not so much that u need to flame me about it anyway.