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Game Name CPT - ABCTeaPot, BLITZ_jbriggs, noobk1LLLa187, DampishHoe Game Date 12/10/2002 Review Date 12/11/2002
Map Gods of War Rating 7 Reviewer Abe
Game Type Tournament     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 ABC_TeaPot (iWIN) A 8 8   Player 5
Player 2 DampishHoe A 6 4   Player 6
Player 3 noobk1LLLa187 B 5 7   Player 7
Player 4 BLITZ_jbriggs B 7 4   Player 8
You didnt think Id leave ALL CPT reviews to Kungen, did ya? :)

The tournament continues!

Here we have one of the undercard games, featuring ABC_TeaPot (aka iWIN, Barbar or Mangy) with his teammate DampishHoe taking on noobk1LLa and jbriggs.

The game is played without third party addons, no markers, sharelos or similar. Starting positions are random so TeaPot is bottom left, with his teammate in the opposite corner. None of the players is bothered however, so there is no dispute about that. Actually, I got a feeling that none of the players took this game very seriously at all. Perhaps a healthy reaction compared to the upsets and arguments this tournament has had already.

The game starts off with a double vehicle in both teams. Judging from the allied chat, none of the teams have a prepared gameplan.

TeaPot, noobkilla and jbriggs gets into the sea after reclaiming veh while DampishHoe goes air. This results in a double Skeeter attack on TeaPot, that shakes him slightly but also brings enough metal to finance a Lurker. At the same time DampishHoe does some decent bombing, but not enough to seriosuly hurt any of his opponents.

As soon as TeaPot has the sea under control, he beginns expanding while harassing jbriggs with his Lurker. From this point, TeaPot more or less takes control of the game.

But on the other side of the map, noobkilla sends a Lurker to DampishHoe, who tries to counter. This is a quite funny part of the game, DampishHoe has the unit control of a true newbie (Im sure he can see the fun it that as well) and sacrifice no less then 3 Crusaders and 2 subs trying to kill the Lurker that is roaming his coastline. Noobkilla takes his commander out in the water to reclaim all the wreckage, and keep his heroic sub alive.

noobkilla even says "a boy and his sub!". And that comment pretty much sums up this game. The outcome is determined in that corner.

This game wasnt anywhere close to the high level gameplay that weve seen in other CPT games so far, but it is entertaining. It reminded me that cash prizes or not, its still just a game. No drama to see, just four players on GoW having a good game.