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Game Name CBL7 - TAG vs ORCA - Alien Desert II Game Date 08/18/2001 Review Date 01/14/2003
Map Alien Desert II Rating 8 Reviewer ACE_Erindel
Game Type Tournament     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 TAG_Rock A   Player 5
Player 2 TAG_Dune A   Player 6
Player 3 ORCA_rInte B   Player 7
Player 4 ORCA_Berikaren B   Player 8
Another famous CBL 7 game, the second TAG vs ORCA match. This game is huge, more than 1 hour of intense fighting, but its less exciting than the Beta Tropics one... i guess u already know this, it has been reviewed like 3 times in the past.

Anyway. TAGs start top, ORCA bottom, and all players try raid each other as best as they can, but mainly it is the defender who wins the dgun vs running flashes duels... They play the map a lot like a big GPP, so soon there's a clash for middle and lots of defenders built. It is obvious AD2 is more defensive than gpp, so we see guardian duels, with the winners going really fast at bb, while g duel losers... well they better go bb too :). We also see what TAG_Rock does when he's frustrated he cant attack well : just go mad and build stuff everywhere :P... but soon enough all 4 players have filled their share of the map with defenses and resources, so Rock doesnt feel alone. The rest of the game becomes a bit boring with only BB duels and a few good bombing runs. As the saying goes, one BB wont win the game, but 5 or 6 might :).

Again, a game which will go in the hall of fame, cos all players show they can focus on whats important on a specific map : here it was building skills, not UC.

Technical facts :
Battle intensity : Above average, then below average in the end.
Skill Balance : Balanced.
Average skill/learning value : High
Originality : hmmm not really.
Fun : if u like BB duels, then it definately was.