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Game Name Yerrot Enduro Game Date 08/12/2001 Review Date 03/28/2003
Map Yerrot Countryside Rating 7 Reviewer Banshee
Game Type Tournament     DOWNLOAD
  Players Team Building Unit Control     Players Team Building Unit Control
Player 1 ORCA_NBV X 7 7   Player 5
Player 2 Anarky_Beast O 7 7   Player 6
Player 3 Anarky_Helldog O 7 7   Player 7
Player 4 ORCA_Confused X 7 7   Player 8


This game takes us back to CBL7 in late 2001, where ORCA and Anarky face off on Yerrot Countryside.
Granted that this is an older game and much of the way we play now is not represented here today, I will
try to highlight those things that worked well for the players and not so much what we don't do today.

All players go vehicle first and push to get cons on patrol and some attack and defense going.
Confused sends a lone flash down to Beast but is quickly degunned while Beast moves to secure middle and rocks. On the other side, NBY sends a flash between Helldog's energy-zapped, two solar-building commie legs. At that point he is forced to chase it back to homeplate while NBY is sending more down to take out his frontline Con. Meanwhile, Confused is sending random flashes at Anarky as well, with resistance from sams and MTs. Beast now has a second plant in the middle and all players are pushing MTs to center. There are some key battles that take place which appear to be altering the game. And then out of the blue come two advanced vehicle plants, one from each team at the 11 minute mark. You can bet they aren't going for advanced radar. Two players, one on each side of the map, are growing considerably, and toward each other. Will this become a battle of the berthas or will someone bring out the guards?



  • Good use of emg to give one side an advantage
  • Use of DTs in front of MTs



  • Raiding is one-sided early on
  • Would have liked to have seen better use of the terrain
  • Slow guardians
  • Unless the players where using voice chat, very little team chat


    Parting Thoughts/Shots

    First of all, I love this map. Having a 9 X 10 layout and the steep terrain give this map
    a lot of possibilities for a multitude of strategies. I am surprised that it isn't played more currently.

    3 of the 4 players didn't build their radar before they had plants, can't stress how important
    it is to spend the 750 energy before the plant. Building plants expends energy much slower and allows
    you to build back up.

    ORCA_NBY built his entire starting position before going plant and subsequently is the only person
    who does not stall in his initial vehicle build order.


    Game Awards

    ORCA_NBV - VehCon Award - Armed with the ability to build MTs and push them anywhere you like.
    Anarky_Beast - Award of Courage - For seizing the opportunity to be the first to the middle.
    Anarky_Helldog - Mountaintop Comm Award - A man and his mountain will not soon part.
    ORCA_Confused - DT Award - God bless dragon's teeth. Also a mention for Sneaky Flash Award.